What is a pBone?

pBone is the world’s first plastic trombone; it's a lot of fun but also a quality instrument, perfect for beginners and professionals.

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  • “Thanks for making the trombone fun for me again!”

    Marc, USA, Jan 2015

  • “The pbone is fantastic value for money and really light to hold, making it ideal for young students. The whole idea of it being made of plastic makes it robust than a brass trombone and is less likely to get damaged. It also has the advantage of being in a really small gig bag so is easy to transport and doesn’t take up much space. And of course the choice of colours is really cool”

    Glyn, UK, Jan 2015

  • “pBones are great for beginners because they require simple construction, affordable low prices, and high quality. However, it is fun for all brass players.”

    Estevan, USA, Jan 2015

  • “Pbone was the best choice for me when gigging as it is so light weight and compact”

    Alan, UK, Jan 2015

  • “I use my pbone for teaching because it creates such a positive reaction amongst my students. it also creates such a buzz whenever I use it on gigs, too – “Hey! Check out the dude with the purple trombone!”

    Darren, Australia, Jan 2015

  • “Affordable and fun!”

    Jane, UK, Jan 2015

  • “I have a green pBone. The number one reason I was able to have one was the price. I hadn’t played a trombone since high school, now I’m enjoying rocking out and playing Elvis Presley tunes!”

    Doug, Canada, Jan 2015

  • “Unbelieveably awesome customer service! Thank you!”

    Steven W. Hoover – May 2014

  • “I love my pbone, it makes outside playing in winter so much easier. I chose pink for 2 reasons, not only did I do a wee bit for Charity, but I prevented my son from stealing it! Well done pbone.”

    Marianne, Scotland, Jan 2015

  • “Thank you very, very much for your excellent service”

    Willy Rorke - August 2014

  • “The pBone is brilliant for young children who want to start learning before they can comfortably hold a “real” trombone. In the hands of a professional, the pBone sounds immense, and in the hands of a child it sounds just lovely.”

    Katrina, Scotland, Jan 2015

  • “The pbone is an excellent instrument to engage children in music in a whole class project. It’s light, durable and works! It has become a firm favourite it the whole class teaching projects that I do and many are amazed how nice they sound!”

    Kevin, UK, Jan 2015

  • “pBones are ideal and engaging for everyone from young learners to hardened pros.”

    Nicholas, UK, Jan 2015

  • “It’s lightweight and quirky, but still playable, and a real conversation starter.”

    John, UK, Jan 2015

  • “The pbone! making plastic fantastic”

    John, UK, Jan 2015

  • “Everywhere I play my pBone I draw a crowd. Kids think the colours are cool and adult musicians are curious as to how it plays.”

    Keith, USA, Jan 2015

  • Pbone has really shaken up the brass instrument market offering quality durable instruments that are practical, playable and affordable. A brilliant and inspiring choice for young students and a credible instrument for growing up pop stars!

    Colin, UK, Jan 2015

  • “Great to play, fun and a conversation starter.”

    John, UK, Jan 2015

  • “I think the pBone is the best thing that ever happened to share the instrument. It plays amazing too! People’s eyes pop out when I play it, I wish I had it 25 years ago.”

    John Lasiter - August 2014

  • “Really impressed how well it has been thought out and engineered.”

    Noah, UK, Jan 2015

  • “I would definitely recommend the pBone to mothers who want their kids to learn how to play a trombone. It is cheaper than a brass trombone and easier to transport and play!”

    Maria Villarico – May 2014

  • “my son is very small for his age and couldn’t manage a full weight instrument – the pbone was a fantastic introduction to the instrument for him and it’s his favourite colour too. Also it doesn’t break my back when I have to carry it round for him!!”

    Sarah , Jan 2015, UK